CITY x Ugly Duck Coffee collab, 2020
"What's for dinner?" AR filter, 2020
CITY x Hedonist collab, 2019
DISH cover, 2019
Growing bean, 2019
Hand and rose, 2018
Rx Cannabis Cover, 2018
The Rock Camp Kitchen, 2018
Forbidden Forest Cake, 2019
State Your Intentions, 2016
Mini Cemetery Cover, 2018
Puerto Rico + Rochester, 2018
WAYO Harry Belafonte pin, 2015
Grass Fed logo, 2018
Cup Stamp, 2017
Double truck fundraising ad, 2018
Local Troubled Teen lapel pin, 2015
In The Band, 2017
GR!R Cover Show poster, 2017
Festival Preview cover, 2018
Sponsor step and repeat, 2017
Come Together patch, 2016
ROC the Day with GR!R, 2015
GR!R "I Donated" GIF, 2016
Summer Fun, 2016
William Kentridge poster, 2013
Becca, 2015
Jem Cohen Film Series poster, 2014
GR!R Cover Show poster, 2015
Flair Up web graphic, 2016
GR!R Cover Show poster, 2016
GR!R Summer Camp flier, 2015
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"What's for dinner?" AR filter, 2020

Screenshot of the "What's for dinner?" AR filter being used. I built the filter using Spark AR to help support local restaurants offering takeout during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click the link for more!

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